sabato 20 luglio 2013

Royal Noise

Waiting for the Royal Baby and wonder if it will be a male or a female?
In nature it's not ever so clear the sexual difference: is perhaps this a male or a female eggplant? 
The only certainty I have is that it will become a tasty parmigiana in about 15 days from now.

7 commenti:

  1. That's the wonderful Ross I love!!!
    Fabulous Summer my dear!

    1. Thanks Cle, though I suspect you love most parmigiana than me.
      What about publish soon your own version of a parmigiana recipe?
      Waiting for...Kisses.

    2. ...naughty girl...! :-D
      oh no, my mistrustful Ross! I love more you than any eggplants in the world!:-D
      I'm sorry you have to wait a bit. In my menu first come the onions, cooked in the microwave oven that "j'adore", then the aubergines.
      By the way, are you vegetarian?
      Kisses...and smiles

    3. Me too would love onions, if it was not that they smell like onion.
      So I wait for the recipe of your eggplant parmigiana indefinitely. Or for a courgettes parmigiana recipe, if you like it more...
      Well, I'm a light vegetarian, not strictly vegan:in a parmigiana I like some Parmesan, so to speak...
      Kisses&Smiles to you too.

    4. Pass at my reveries, you'll find so
      me onions Chanel Number5

  2. I put up a video from your website on mine.

    1. I saw and read the comments of Your lunatics followers:where they find the energy to debate so much, so seriously and so interesting? That video you apreciate is cathartic, for me, only if you catch the non-sense of the obsessions for the security and the anti-terrorism laws applied on our daily life that, thanks to God, is not a war daily camp...Yet...